Testimonials and Client Comments.

I have recently undertaken the Foundation Business Life Plan and Confidence Map exercises and found both to be an excellent process to work through.

They allowed me to take stocktake of where I am at, really determine what my skills and expertise are, what opportunities I can create from them and what I want to create for the future. 

Janice has developed a process that is well thought out, well laid out and easy to follow.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is looking for some direction or looking to map out a business idea.

Karen Garner


I found the Foundation Business Mapping tool to be an invaluable exercise. I had plenty of ideas on what my business would encompass and how I would run the operation, but they were all ideas running round in my head with no structure.  The connections between the various aspects, while obviously linked, were somewhat disjointed.
By mapping my ideas in the format provided and using the Guidelines, I could practically map out the various aspects.

Everything became clearer and by assembling the information in a logical order I could more clearly see how everything fitted together.

I also found while I was writing this logical process up I thought of a lot more things to add.

To summarise my ideas became structured and orderly rather than in a jumbled mess as they had been previously. It was so much easier to ‘see the wood through the trees.’ 

Shirley Arbuckle-Hart

After  my experience with  the  Foundation Business Planning process I started working on bringing my idea to fruition.   This  grew my confidence and I have since extended my idea into other avenues.

Anja Geelen

The Foundation Business Planning process gave us the confidence to proceed proceed with re-focusing our organisation, re-developing our website, and establishing a modern, supportive structure. This has seen a growth in membership by both organisations and individuals, an expanding subscriber base for our newsletter, and requests from various parts of the country for us to visit for the purpose of running workshops and information sessions. At the end of our first year we were in a position to hold a retreat which attracted attendees from around the country and was hugely successful in both financial terms and the quality of attendee experiences.

Joanne Duncan

Janice is like a Superhero with the power to draw out and sort tangled ideas and mixed emotions from a person. After attending her seminar on Business Mapping I was determined to do what I loved to do and now I have the reason why. I am encouraged. Foundation Business Planning gave me the realization and the push to do what I needed to do so that my dream will not remain in my head but will turn into reality.
Janice, Thanks and continue to help others by using that Superhero Power.
Ethyl Tacuyan

I was able to attend the Foundation Business Planning workshop in both small group and one-on-one sessions.

The activities and guide given during the small group session helped me extract thoughts that would support my main business idea. It was useful for me coming from an employee background.

The one-on-one session, on the other hand, encouraged me to use my life experiences and not just work to pursue any future plans when perfect timing comes. I’m impressed with what Janice has achieved in life and her ability to express it clearly with strength, confidence and composure.


Software Developer

Client Comments

  • “We are all different, and I think everyone will gain something from Foundation Business Planning in a different way as well.”
  • “Calling myself business woman, I became more confident about my new business to start. I know it will happen if I feel like this.”
  • “Your process framed me in a positive way – that is great – thank you.”
  • “The Idea Mapping and Self Mapping provided useful insights and helped to identify new ideas and areas for future development.”
  • “An easy, fun way to explore my/our new idea.”
  • “Definitely do this before writing a Business Plan.”
  • “It’s easy to show someone and explain.”
  • “YES I can visualise success -Finding out what I need to know, builds confidence.”

Comments from Business Advisors and Accountants

  1. ‘Well, at first I thought you were trying to put me out of a job but then I realised it was actually very helpful, especially for those clients with their first ‘Business Idea’.  Not just for them but for me to understand their vision faster and then we can get on with the planning. I like it. Add me to your partner list.’ David, Business Advisor
  2. ‘This is a great framework for our new clients who have no idea or very little understanding of what their business and tax requirements are.’  Chris, Accountant
  3. ‘Why hasn’t someone thought of this idea before!’  Roger, Business Advisor

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