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I went through the Foundation Business Planning framework as a way to give shape and impetus to a broad business idea which I had.  The approach was excellent at helping to expose links between ideas and practical action and surfacing skills, networks and relationships that I had not previously thought about. The smart and thoughtful questions in the guidelines were engaging and motivating.

Alison MacDonald

Change Happens. If you have some time at home now it is the perfect opportunity for you to explore a new business idea which could be part-time or full-time.

Enjoy the Foundation Business Planning process

The purpose of Foundation Business Planning is that it should be the First Step every person takes before spending large amounts of time and money developing a new product or service, starting a new business or organisation or an expansion idea.

Determine your ‘Why’ using this proven service.  It will give you confidence and you will have a diagram that is easy to explain and easy for someone to understand.

The map is “do-it-yourself” which means you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Foundation Business Planning is perfect for other organisations too. Community groups, Clubs, Charities, Councils, Sports etc. Basically any organisation that has costs that need to be funded and managed. 

 Why is Foundation Business Planning helpful? 


  •  It is customer driven not profit driven which means that like most successful businesses the customer is top of mind
  • The Product/Service is available on-line and can be completed in the privacy of your own home because it is very user friendly
  • There are easy options for printing the Map pages  – 2 x A4 and tape together or 1 x A3.
  • And there is another option if you don’t have a printer or printing service close-by: with a piece of white card A3 size or thereabouts simply draw the box diagram Maps yourself
  • This process does not take long to complete – The Business Idea Map will take 2 hours
  • The Confidence Map will take no longer than 2 hours to complete and you will be finished before you know it
  • You can then add more items as they come to mind and refer to it with others if you choose
  • 65% of people learn visually (VARK) and this process is VISUAL so it is helpful
  • The Foundation Business Planning cost is a very affordable price which means that you are not spending a fortune to test your idea
Statistics show that the No.1 cause of business failure is Failure to Plan and Failure to Revise the Plan. Foundation Business Planning solves this problem because it is Visual and easy to update.
‘I use this process myself which makes it easy to recommend’ – Janice Feutz

Foundation Business Planning Templates

Includes :

* 2 Map Diagrams – Foundation Business Planning Business Idea Map and FBP Confidence Map.  Each map has numbered boxes to make it easy to follow.

*2 Sets of Step By Step Guidelines – Foundation Business Planning Business Idea Guidelines and Foundation Business Planning Confidence Map Guidelines

The process of Confidence Mapping provided me with a picture of the direction where my life and career could go.  Seeing everything written down untangled the otherwise complicated thinking I had in my mind about what to do next.

I was able to draw from my personal and professional experiences the key skills I want to develop for my career and it was easy once I could see things written down the many options and opportunities I had.

I believe her simple way of aiding self-mapping has saved me a lot of money and time. I would recommend her mentoring process for anyone wanting to get help with their career direction”.

Lachlan Mackay

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