Idea Map


( Rates are in NZD)


  • 2 Map Diagrams – FBP Business Idea Map and FBP Confidence Map. Each map has numbered boxes to make it easy to follow.
  • 2 sets of Guidelines – FBP Business Idea Guidelines and FBP Confidence Map Guidelines

The Map Diagrams can be filled in on screen if you have a ‘touch screen’ or printed as A3 or A4. Now enjoy the process beginning with the Idea Map and following the Guidelines.

After approximately 2 x 2 hour sessions you will have confidence in the right outcome

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes but later or after some amendments.
  3. No.

These are all good outcomes that options and opportunities are suggested for your next steps


The purpose of Foundation Business Planning is that it should be the First Step every person takes before spending large amounts of time and money developing a new product or service, starting a new business or organisation or an expansion idea.
Determine your ‘Why’ using this proven service.  It will give you confidence and you will have a diagram that is easy to explain and easy for someone to understand.
Group Purchases – Contact Janice Feutz to obtain the right to download a set number of Foundation Business Planning Maps and Guidelines.   Discount will be available for more than 5 downloads for one Group.
Organisation Licensing – Contact Janice Feutz to obtain an annual yearly Licence or a one-off purchase fee.
All Downloads are recorded for statistical information.

The Foundation Planning Maps and Guidelines are Copyright from 2016.   Please respect this Intellectual Property.


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