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About Janice

Small to medium business expert

Janice married Larry an entrepreneurial farmer in her home country, New Zealand.  Larry’s farm business ideas were often drawn on a large piece of paper or card to explain to Janice.  Sadly, he died in a car accident when he was 35 leaving Janice with a young family, a farm and a small aeroplane.

Eventually, Janice began planning a new life for her family and herself and she used similar methods of visual planning which worked for them.  

Her business experience grew and with it a wide range of teaching and business qualifications, business ownership and partnerships in China, Fiji and New Zealand.  Industry experience includes education, agriculture, tourism, retail, business education, Information Technology, Local Government Business Advisor, Grants Management, IP, Hospitality, Vineyard and Wine Stock Management, Sponsorship, Business Development and Business Locum services.  

‘Janice, I don’t know anyone who has had the range of business experience that you have.  You are an expert in Small and Medium Business.’ 
Geoff, Australian Business Consultant

Why Be Your Own Boss now?

Small and Medium Businesses are extremely important to World economies. For example  97% of businesses in NZ are Small and Medium. In the USA – 99% are Small and Medium size. This is why Governments internationally, offer support.
Change happens everywhere but right now is a good time to start a business:
  • There is high growth demand in nearly all sectors
  • The NZ Government is committed to supporting Small/ Medium Enterprises with funding, tax improvements and business information.
  • Other Governments internationally are providing similar support..
Who can use the Business Planning Map Template? – Foundation Business Planning works for all age groups from 18yrs – 70+yrs.

Who can use the Foundation Business Planning Templates and Guidelines?


School Leavers


Entrepreneurs/Business Owners


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