Kick Start your New Business Idea

Everything begins with an IDEA

But what comes next?  How do we know if a business idea is worth investing time and money into? How do we know if we have made the right decision, for ourselves, our families, our lifestyles, our budget. There are many things to consider before stepping out into a new business or lifestyle change.

Our Unique Ideas Map Templates and Guidelines make it easy to create a Visual BUSINESS PLAN Framework of your IDEA so you know what’s involved. Your plan makes it easy to make confident decisions and it is easy to explain to others.

The Foundation Business Planning process is a fun, Do It Yourself  learning experience in the privacy of your own home for exploring the potential of being your own Boss.

If you have an existing business and want to explore the potential of a new product or service or an expansion idea, use Foundation Business Planning. 

‘8 out of 10 companies fail within their first year in the UK’

‘57% of start-up businesses fail in the first 5 years – NZ’


There are no guarantees that a new business idea will be successful, however there are ways of reducing the risk of failure.

The Process

  • Purchase the Idea Map Package
  • Download and/or print Maps and Guidelines
  • Work through the step by step guided processes
  • Review 
  • The recommended four hours for the whole process is time flexible
  • Make decision based on the mapping results
  • Keep Map in a visual place to stay focused
  • Review regularly

The Outcomes

Yes – its a go – how exciting!

Yes but not right now  – some more work to be done. 

No, this won’t work – glad I saved the time and money!

These are all good outcomes. 

Total Price  SPECIAL – Only $98.00 NZD 

Foundation Business Planning is a fabulous system that allows you to take your ideas and dreams into reality. Two years ago, we completed this course and it gave us the clarity and momentum to create a nationwide organisation that is now flourishing. Thank you Foundation Business Mapping for helping us to make this happen.

Barbara Hand

It is a time for change for me and I am about to create a new business.

I found Janice’s guiding Idea Mapping process very interesting, useful and a helpful way to organize ideas for my future project.

I enjoyed this process in the first place, then gained confidence about my abilities to do completely new things.

There is a huge thanks to Janice!

Also the Self mapping structure helps me to emphasise my strength, values and goals even sharper than it was just in my head.

I believe written ideas have an extra power for us. The Map is a good reminder and encouragement for everyday tasks!

Many thanks to Janice for such a great idea that helps me to move forward with confidence and no doubts to success in the future.  

Definitely I will recommend the Business Idea and Self Mapping to everyone who wish to get new further steps in their career.


I am loving my new life in a popular tourist town.
My hairdressing clients are pleased that I am continuing their services and it is also wonderful to be free to focus on my new art work.

Extra research helped me to decide to put the B & B business on hold in the meantime.
I have gained confidence in my abilities to make good life and work thanks to Foundation Business Planning.

Natalya Vidyakina

Owner of Hairstyling studio, Artist and future owner of a B&B business

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